Presenting the “Kwik Bagit Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System,” which allows schools and non-profit organizations to benefit from the profits generated by recycling valuable household plastic and tin cans that is typically discarded in curbside bins. This initiative aims to contribute to the goal of achieving “Net Zero Plastic 2030” and creating a more Sustainable Circular economy.

Kwik Bagit Recycling Bags

Fueling School Food Programs with the Best Way to Recycle!

Embarking on the ground-breaking initiative “Kwik Bagit Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System,” the Best Way to Recycle is making waves in sustainable living. 

At the heart of this movement are the Kwik Bagit Recycle Bags, a simple yet powerful tool designed for collecting plastic containers and tin cans from households and businesses. More than just an eco-friendly solution, these recycling bags play a crucial role in generating funds to support school food programs and non-profit groups. By participating in this initiative, individuals actively contribute to the ‘Net Zero Plastic 2030’ goal while directly empowering schools to provide nourishing meals for their students. Let’s delve deeper into the following lines!

How Kwik Bagit Recycle Bags Can Empower School Food Programs

  • Transforming Waste into Newfound Revenue

We collaborate with schools and non-profit organizations to reclaim valuable plastics that often end up in curbside bins. Through the “Kwik Bagit Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System,” discarded items become a “Newfound Revenue” source for participating groups. This financial boost proves instrumental in supporting school meal programs and other fundraising endeavours.

  • A Fresh Approach to Fundraising

Kwik Bagit Recycle bags offer a fresh and effective way for local communities to raise funds. By utilizing these specially designed bags, groups can efficiently separate valuable materials, ensuring they reach re-processors directly. The result is a substantial additional income, aptly termed “newfound revenue,” which aids in combating inflation while providing vital financial resources for schools and non-profit organizations.

  • Supporting Local Communities

Once you become a member, you will receive a Kwik Bagit Recycle Bag, a set of Plastic Resin Labels and a manual titled “What Goes Where and Why’ that not only aids the environment but also makes individuals and groups part of the “Kwik Bagit Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System.” 

They can actively participate in local community fundraising projects. We partner with schools or non-profit groups, arranging to pick up plastic and tin cans from households and businesses. Every contribution made is processed as a donation, directly empowering school food programs.

  • Alleviating Rising Expenses for Families

In the face of escalating expenses, Kwik Bagit bags present a practical solution to alleviate family costs. The “Fresh New Way” of fundraising enables communities to address financial challenges while contributing to a sustainable future. The initiative becomes a collaborative effort where every member plays a crucial role in supporting local schools and non-profit organizations.

Contact if you want to empower school food programs by becoming a member. 

or call them at 1-306-717-3895 and check their terms and

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