Presenting the “Kwik Bagit Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System,” which allows schools and non-profit organizations to benefit from the profits generated by recycling valuable household plastic and tin cans that is typically discarded in curbside bins. This initiative aims to contribute to the goal of achieving “Net Zero Plastic 2030” and creating a more Sustainable Circular economy.


For his Contributions to the Environment.


Harold Sokyrka is an award-winning patented inventor and the creator of
“The Kwik BagIt Closed-Loop Rewards Recycling System”. He is committed the past 5 years to develop a revolutionary approach that will help to achieve Net Zero Plastic by 2030. It is also a “fresh new way” to Raise Community Funds for Charities, Non-Profit Groups, Schools, Sports Groups, and Religious Organizations .

During the past 50 years of being in business, Harold has been a serial entrepreneur with an enthusiastic attitude towards anything that he sets his mind to do, and he radiates a sincere passion for inventing new products, processes, and developing new businesses. Harold is one of the world’s oldest, longest-living heart
transplant recipients (1986) and can attest to his favourite slogan –“DON’T QUIT
– Because if you do – YOU KNOW THAT YOU HAVE FAILED”.

He has good reason to “Pay Back” and he hopes that his new invention will help to change the ways that we can improve our waste management and recycling practices by “Making the Task Easier” using the “Kwik BagIt System” and the reusable, washable, Poly/Cloth Bags which can replace the oil-based, single-use plastic bags that are plugging up our landfills and damaging our precious environment.

Our Core Values

“World’s Longest Living Heart Transplant Recipient Pioneers Solution for Plastic Pollution”

In a remarkable convergence of medical achievement and environmental
innovation, the world’s longest-living heart transplant recipient has ventured
beyond the boundaries of medical science to make a significant impact in an
entirely different field – plastic pollution.
This extraordinary individual’s journey,
from receiving a life-saving heart transplant to pioneering solutions for one of the planet’s most pressing environmental challenges, serves as an inspiring testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

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